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The Des Show!The Des Show!


Conspiracies, Paranormal, Politcs. Is reality as what we think it is?
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2001

Midnight DesertDark Matter Radio


LIVE streaming and to foster other alternative programming expansion into Internet radio.
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2000

SavageMichael Savage


Truth about liberalism, borders, language and culture, and his unparalleled stand for America
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2017

Dr AsaDr. Asa on Call
M - F


Dr. Asa's four-hour daily radio program, "Dr. Asa ON CALL" is currently one of America's fastest growing national radio talk shows.
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2003

Drew PearsonDrew Pearson


The Radio Show is to bring Sports, Lifestyle and Health all in one place
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2011

Midnight DesertCall to Decision


This enthusiastic vessel of the Lord Jesus Christ tells us about God's place in each of our lives.
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2015

SavageWorld Crisis Radio


Webster Tarpley: the most incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist historian he is best known for his book- George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.
- - - - -
Profile » Host id 2018

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BCP current version 9.0. For complete help on installation, setup and usage, contact Phil Pelt via email and request help via phone.
Notice: (Feb 2017) pending code certificate. If you download current version you will get a warning not to install. Stay tuned.
How it works
When you schedule a show, it will be listed on When you broadcast it will show as "on air" and create a listen link.

What you need
To broadcast live on you will need: Headset with mic, Windows XP or higher computer, and the BCP, (Broadcaster Control Panel). Other: Windows Media Player 11, IExplorer browser 9 ,Skype


Audio control settings, 16 sound board buttons and audio player, listener count and statistics, volume level meter and slider control, profile page, show scheduling, archiving, note pad, fast blast and chat room. You can take Skype calls from guests and listeners. 30mins-3 hour broadcasts. Unlimited listeners. No ads.

Broadcaster Control Panel for Windows

BCP Screenshot

Wndows Vista, 7, & 8 users.
Before downloading and installing software you need to prepare your computer.
Turn User Account Control off , Enable Stereo Mix

Download and Run the BCP setup file

Installation should put this icon on your Desktop. talkjockeys Right-click on Desktop icon, select Properties, click Compatibility tab. Make sure that "Run this program in compatiblilty mode for: is checked. And select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) in selection window below that. Click Apply, Okay. You will be installing a limited Demo version that will run for 15 minutes. After a successfully install, click the Desktop icon to open BCP. You will be assigned Host id: 0000.
Configuring the BCP

At first start of the BCP, you will need to select the audio settings. click here for help
You can add this image to your website and link it to
right-click mouse on image and save as.
Link to:

Use link to post your live broadcast on Facebook

When you decide to upgrade to full version, purchase product key for $ 29.95/month, includes unique Host id and unlimited broadcasting. The product key will assign you a unique Host id. You can purchase the product key on this page using My Cast Live Pay Pal account.

Purchase Product Key

Product Key $ 29.95/month. Includes unique Host id and unlimited broadcasting. Allow up to 24/hrs to recieve product key. Enter your email address that you want to recieve product key, during your check-out. Use Buy Now button below to purchase subscription at secure Pay Pal site.
Broadcasting - $29.95 monthly subscription
allow up to 24hrs to recieve product key

Broadcasting - $29.95 monthly payment
allow up to 24hrs to recieve product key

To unsubscribe at any time, use button below.

For technical help or have questions: Contact Support

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